David Graham

Tell us about yourself!
Hailing from Oklahoma originally, I’m the lone Oklahoma State Cowboy on our Squad! When I’m not supporting and growing our Travel Division, I love spending time with my wife Jill, my son Lucas and daughter Scottie. I also play, watch and breathe golf every chance I get!
Why should potential healthcare travelers choose Squad Medical Staffing?
We are honest to a fault around here and truly try to treat our travelers with a family approach. As a medium sized firm, we have access to thousands of jobs each week so we offer a strong amount of options just like larger companies. Squad Med Staff is extremely devoted to serving our travelers!
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?
More places than you could imagine – but I’ll go with St. Andrews, Scotland so I could play golf at the Old Course.
The best advice you have ever received?
“Enjoy every day possible, it goes by fast.”
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