Erica Dennis

Tell us about yourself!
I love meeting new people and learning about their personal stories. You can count on me to break the uncomfortable silence and bring light to a room. It has been my passion to help people and lift their spirits. I love BACON, my favorite animal is an Elephant. I love to read: Harry Potter and anything written by John Grisham.
Why should potential healthcare travelers choose Squad Medical Staffing?
If you are looking for a personal approach and genuine interest in regard to travel nursing, look no further.
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Greece. I have always been fascinated with Greek Mythology. Also on my bucket list is to experience Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Florida.
The best advice you have ever received?
“Just because you’re blood, doesn’t make you family. You gotta earn that.” – Dean Winchester, Supernatural
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