Morrell Mitchell

Tell us about yourself!
I am a father and husband, and I have two dogs that I love, their names are Teddy and Bear. In my free time you can find me singing and dancing with my 2 year old daughter, or playing basketball. My favorite dessert is cheesecake ice cream!
Why should potential healthcare travelers choose Squad Medical Staffing?
Because at SQUAD we work hard for the nurses that we get the opportunity to work with, we take great pride in getting to be intentional and efficient for our nurses. We aim not to focus on doing the right amount of work, but we focus on going above and beyond what is expected of us.
What separates you among the rest as a recruiter?
I believe what separates me from the rest is my willingness to never stop advocating for the nurses that I get to serve. I believe that I get the chance to really display my perseverance when it comes to seeking out the right assignments for my nurses. When the opportunity presents itself, I will always put in the work for them.
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?
It would definitely be Ireland.
The best advice you have ever received?
Focus on the things you can control.
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