The Perfect Holiday Gifts for Healthcare Travelers

Finding the perfect holiday gifts for healthcare travelers can be a challenge. Need some inspiration on what you should give to your healthcare traveler friends and family? Our list has the best gifts to give to your healthcare worker friends and family, all within a reasonable budget.

What should i get as holiday gifts for healthcare travelers?

Heading to a new assignment every 13 weeks means your relatives are constantly packing up their lives into a few suitcases. Where they travel and how they travel will determine how much they can take place to place. You don’t want to gift them anything too big or bulky, aim for something that’s useful and convenient. Here are some of our suggestions:

The North Face Berkeley Daypack

North Face Backpack, Holiday Gifts for Healthcare Travelers

Healthcare travelers are constantly on the go, and this North Face backpack would make the perfect gift! Not only is it stylish, it has plenty of space and compartments to pack whatever they need for the day. It comes in multiple colors and is priced at $68.95 on Amazon!

Columbia Benton Springs Full Zip

Hospitals are always cold, so this Columbia fleece jacket is perfect to keep your friends and family warm during their shifts. It comes in multiple colors, men’s and women’s sizing, and very reasonably priced. It’s on sale right now for under $40 on Amazon!

Stanley Tumbler

Stanley Tumbler, Holiday Gifts for Healthcare Travelers

You have probably seen these Stanley tumblers all over social media, for a good reason. These tumblers come in 30 and 40oz sizes, and keep your drinks cold all day long! The best part? They fit perfectly in a cup holder. Due to their popularity, these tumblers can be hard to come by. If you are lucky, you can snag one of these on the Stanley website or Amazon.

Hoka Shoes

These shoes are very popular with healthcare workers because of their comfort and durability. These are on the more expensive side, but these shoes are sure to make the perfect gift! You can find these at most sporting goods stores, but your best bet is to purchase these right from the Hoka website.

Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

There’s no better gift to give than the gift of caffeination! This mini Keurig is perfect to pack up and take on the road, and would make one of the perfect holiday gifts for healthcare travelers. These coffee makers are usually on sale, make sure you snag one at a great price!

Blue Light Glasses

Blue Light Glasses, Holiday Gifts for Healthcare Travelers

There’s nothing worse than the headache that comes from staring at a screen all day at work. Healthcare workers are constantly looking at monitors all day, especially while charting for their patients. These blue light glasses are inexpensive, come in multiple styles, and would make a great gift. You can find these glasses on Amazon or at most online retailers.

stethoscope case

This stethoscope case would make an awesome gift! This case comes in several different colors and designs, and is available on Amazon for under $20. This is perfect for your healthcare traveling friends!

Compression Socks

While compression socks aren’t the most exciting thing to open during the holidays, they are certainly a useful gift. Healthcare workers are on their feet all day during their shifts, and compression socks help prevent their feet from swelling. These are an inexpensive find, and come in lots of different colors and designs!

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