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Squad Medical Staffing makes the path less traveled so much smoother.

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Squad Medical Staffing makes finding the right job simple.

When the world feels too small, broaden your horizons with the support of the Squad Medical Staffing family of professionals.

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Not all positions are created equal. Take a look at some of our featured positions available now.

Columbia, SC

OR Surgical Tech
$2132 Weekly

Charlottesville, VA

$3125 Weekly

Goldsboro, NC

RN Med/Surg
$2417 Weekly

Sedalia, MO

$2588 Weekly

Chapel Hill, NC

RN Stepdown
$2417 Weekly

Bucyrus, OH

RN Med/Tele
$2219 Weekly

The Process

Stress less with The Squad navigating the process!

Wayfinding sounds amazing, but a compass makes the journey to your dream medical career a breeze.

Step 1: Let's Talk.

Chat with a friendly recruiter you can trust.

Step 2: Let Us Know What You Want.

Tell us about your dream job.

Step 3: Flex Your Skills.

Build your profile.

Step 4: Let's Go!

Accept the call. Adventure awaits!

We make finding the right job simple.

Why Choose Squad Medical Staffing?

Our pride is in our service to our healthcare professionals.

Stay healthy and
travel safely.

Insurance activates on Day 1.

You have our constant support.

Recruiters are available by phone, text, or email 24/7.

You won’t get lost in the woods.

Our industry experience
is tried and true.

"I have really enjoyed working with Squad Medical Staffing for this change in my career. They have been fair and transparent every step of the way. I feel very blessed to have found this company. "
Shannon B.
"My Recruiter has been a great deal of help. Giving me assistance even after hours and on the weekend. She's very patient with my barrage of questions. Squad Medical Staffing is doing a great job of placing their employees, answering questions and giving full support where needed. I know she has other nurses she works with but she makes you feel like I am her only priority and that's pretty amazing!"
Jessica M.
"Working with Squad Medical Staffing has been the greatest experience of my nursing career. My Squad Medical Staffing recruiter used my prior experience to find the best assignments!"
Susan T.
ER Nurse
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