What Makes Squad Medical Staffing an Excellent Traveling Nurse Agency?

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In the dynamic world of traveling nursing, choosing the right agency is a pivotal decision. This article explores what makes Squad Medical Staffing an excellent traveling nurse agency. With a legacy that intertwines family values with professional excellence, they stand out as a beacon for nurses seeking a supportive, understanding, and responsive agency. Let’s explore the unique attributes that make them a preferred choice for nurses nationwide.

A Family-Owned Business with a Rich History

A Legacy Founded in the ’80s

Squad Medical Staffing’s journey began in the 1980s with the founders’ grandmother, marking the start of a legacy that would grow and evolve through generations. This family-owned business, now in the hands of the third generation, has always focused on nurturing relationships, both within the family and with the nurses and healthcare facilities they serve.

More Than Just a Business

At its core, Squad Medical Staffing believes in creating and maintaining lasting relationships. The agency understands that for traveling nurses, finding a reliable partner is crucial. They emphasize that if they aren’t the right fit for a nurse, they will go the extra mile to find an agency that is. This approach highlights their dedication to serving the best interests of their nurses, rather than just focusing on business gains.

A Personalized Approach to Nursing Assignments

Dedicated Recruiters

One of Squad Medical Staffing’s distinctive features is the provision of a dedicated recruiter for each nurse. This contrasts with larger companies where nurses might interact with various divisions.

The dedicated recruiter model ensures that from the moment a nurse contacts Squad Medical Staffing to the completion of their assignment, they have a consistent point of contact. This approach fosters a sense of belonging and importance, as each nurse is treated as an integral part of the agency.

Round-the-Clock Support

The commitment of Squad Medical Staffing extends beyond regular business hours. Understanding the unpredictable nature of the healthcare industry, they offer 24/7 support to their nurses.

This means that whenever a nurse needs assistance, they can reach out and receive a prompt response, rather than being greeted by an impersonal voicemail message. This level of support is crucial for nurses who often work in high-pressure, time-sensitive environments.

The Squad Medical Staffing Difference: Not Just Another Number

Recognizing the Individual

At Squad Medical Staffing, each nurse is seen as an individual, not just a number. The agency recognizes the importance of understanding and catering to the unique needs of each nurse. This personalized approach ensures that the nurses feel valued and understood, which is essential in an industry where the personal touch often gets lost in the shuffle of large-scale operations.

Trust and Care in Your Career Journey

Squad Medical Staffing takes its role seriously, acknowledging the trust that nurses place in them. They understand the challenges of getting to the market and strive to provide comprehensive care and support throughout the nurse’s career journey. This level of dedication is a testament to their commitment to not just meeting but exceeding the expectations of those they work with.

Conclusion: Squad Medical Staffing an Excellent Traveling Nurse Agency

Choosing the right traveling nurse agency can significantly impact your career and personal life. Squad Medical Staffing stands out with its family-oriented approach, personalized service, and round-the-clock support. They don’t just provide a service; they offer a partnership based on trust, understanding, and a deep commitment to your professional journey.

For more information or to start your journey with a compassionate and supportive team, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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