Can Travel Nurses Choose Where They Go?

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In the dynamic field of travel nursing, a common question arises: can travel nurses choose where they go? This career not only promises diverse professional experiences but also offers the freedom to select work destinations.

Understanding how this process works and what factors play into these choices is crucial for those considering or currently in the travel nursing profession. This guide explores the various aspects of destination selection for travel nurses, providing clarity and guidance for your journey in this rewarding career.

Flexibility in Choosing Destinations

Travel nurses indeed have the power to decide where they want to work. Whether it’s a preference for a specific city, part of the country, a particular community, or even a distinct hospital system, the choices are vast. Agencies specializing in placing travel nurses understand the importance of meeting these preferences to ensure a fulfilling and productive work experience.

Working with Agencies

When you partner with a travel nursing agency, it’s crucial to communicate your preferred locations clearly. These agencies work tirelessly to match your preferences with the best opportunities. They liaise with various hospital systems to find placements that not only meet geographic desires but also align with your qualifications and professional goals.

Timing and Location

The Role of Timing in Placement

While agencies can often find a location that suits your needs, it’s essential to understand that timing plays a critical role. The availability of positions in your desired location can vary. Sometimes, the perfect opportunity might be available immediately, but in other cases, it could take weeks or even longer.

Patience and Flexibility

For travel nurses aiming for highly specific locations, patience is key. While agencies can perform many tasks to secure a position, they cannot always control the timing of job openings. Being open to different opportunities and flexible with timing can greatly enhance the chances of finding a suitable placement.

The Process of Securing a Desired Location

Communication and Expectation Management

Effective communication between the travel nurse and the agency is vital. Agencies must provide clear information about the likelihood and timeframe of securing a position in a chosen location. This transparency helps in setting realistic expectations and preparing for any waiting period.

The Balance Between Desire and Availability

It’s a balancing act between the nurse’s desired location and the availability of positions. Sometimes, a dream destination might not have immediate openings. In such scenarios, considering alternative locations that offer similar experiences can be a worthwhile strategy.


Travel nursing is a field that promises not only professional development but also the joy of exploring new places. The ability to choose your work location is a significant advantage of this career, providing a sense of control and personal satisfaction. Remember, patience and open communication with your agency are crucial in this journey.

If you have any questions or need guidance in choosing your next travel nursing destination, feel free to contact us. We are here to help you navigate your way to your ideal nursing role in the location of your dreams.

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