Canceling Travel Nursing Contracts The Right Way

canceling travel nursing contracts

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Signing travel nursing contracts are important. They are binding agreements that not only help protect clinicians, but agencies and facilities as well. Contracts ensure the facility’s staffing needs are being fulfilled, and that patient care standards are being adequately met. However, sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that arise that result in a travel nursing contract being canceled. To prevent being blacklisted from hospital systems, there are a few things you need to know about canceling travel nursing contracts the right way.

canceling travel nursing contracts

Why Would I Need to Cancel?

When you sign a contract for a travel nursing assignment, you don’t exactly sign the agreement with the intention to cancel. However, life happens. You may need to cancel a contract due to a family emergency, health problems, or even unsafe working conditions. If you find yourself in the latter situation, try to resolve the issue first before jumping ship. Talk to your recruiter about your experiences. Your agency can help you navigate your concerns and hopefully come to a resolution. If you’re still experiencing unsafe practices, let your agency know as soon as possible.

Bad Reasons For Canceling Travel Nursing Contracts

While there are legitimate reasons for canceling a travel nursing contract, don’t leave an assignment for a bad reason. Bad reasons for leaving would be you found a higher paying job, you don’t love the area you traveled to, or you just aren’t feeling it. Remember – you signed a contract. Breaking a contract without a good reason for doing so can make it more difficult for you in the long run. You could face financial and professional consequences that could prevent you from finding another travel or staff job in the future. Utilize your recruiter and agency if you’re having issues during your assignment. Their job is to make sure you are taken care of and can be successful throughout your travel nursing assignment!

Giving Formal Notice

Although it’s not always the most ideal situation, if you need to cancel your contract make sure you are giving formal notice to the facility. Without a proper notice you risk being blacklisted from the facility, hospital system, or vendor (the middle man between the facility and agency). This can really make finding another contract complicated. Now, if you have a situation that is an emergency and you aren’t able to give proper notice, facilities are usually understanding and will accommodate you. Make sure you read through your contract and service agreement before you put in a notice, as there may be requirements that you will need to fulfill for both the hospital and your agency. After you review those documents, call your recruiter as soon as possible. Be honest and upfront with your reasons as to why you need to cancel. When you have a legitimate reason for needing to leave your assignment, your recruiter and agency should be understanding.

Canceling Travel Nursing Contracts: Who Can Cancel a Contract?

Facilities and travelers have the ability to cancel contracts. While we’ve covered why a traveler may need to cancel a contract, there’s several reasons why a facility may cancel a contract. Sometimes it’s due to a change in staffing needs and they may no longer need travelers to fill in. The most common reason for a facility to cancel a contract is because of a traveler’s performance. As a travel nurse, the expectation is for you to be highly experienced and adaptive. If you aren’t able to perform the duties that the facility expects, you may end up being canceled. To avoid this, be willing to jump in and help where you are needed. Make sure you’re also maintaining positive relationships with your fellow nurses on the floor.

Canceling travel nursing contracts should be avoided by all means. While there are legitimate circumstances that arise, don’t just bail on your contract for unnecessary reasons. Canceling your assignment should be a last resort. Lean on your recruiter and the resources at your disposal. At SQUAD, our dedicated team of recruiters are here to provide you with unwavering support when you need it. If you’re looking for an agency that treats you like your a part of a family, join the SQUAD today!

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