Here’s Why It’s So Satisfying to Work and Travel as a Nurse

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Did you know that about 10% of work trips fall into the business and leisure category? Despite the increased rate of such travel, about 40% of companies still don’t have a corporate travel policy.

If you work in the healthcare field as a nurse and love traveling, you might find your career limiting. While you may have the funds to tour your favorite destinations, your career may affect flexibility.

Applying for a travel nurse position provides you with the flexibility to tour and earn a stable income. Here, we help you understand why you should work and travel as a nurse by discussing some benefits.

More Freedom and Flexibility

Travel nursing provides freedom and flexibility you wouldn’t get with traditional work styles. With such a position, you can select the location you want to work at based on your bucket list. Further, you may take some time off after finishing an assignment and spend it on road trips or vacations with loved ones.

Settling down in an area you don’t like due to your job can affect your mental health. Traveling for work allows you to live in your favorite regions and visit loved ones worldwide. The career track also makes it easier to dedicate more time to volunteer activities and hobbies.

Better Job Security

The nurse shortage has led to high demand for these professionals. Still, some regions have a severe deficit due to the growing population and career diversity.

Working and traveling as a nurse is the perfect way to leverage the growing demand for your services. Most healthcare facilities now need nurses to complement their teams.

Hence, you will likely get a temporary job in many locations. This aspect increases job security since you are almost sure of another opportunity once the current contract ends.

Career Growth

Working as a travel nurse allows you to interact with many professionals. Additionally, you will work in diverse regions and learn how to handle prevalent health issues more effectively.

These aspects provide the exposure and experience you need to grow your career. Moreover, you can expand your knowledge and skills. In the long run, you will be more marketable and adapt quickly to most working environments.

You Can Make New Friends

Another exciting aspect about work and travel as a nurse is that it allows you to meet new people. This way, you can make friends in diverse locations and cultures. You will also network with others that share your beliefs and hobbies.

Interacting with new people at work or in a new community can improve your interpersonal skills. Moreover, you will embrace different cultures and lifestyles. A broad social life also gives you something to look forward to after your shift or on weekends.

Better Income

Working and traveling as a nurse allows you to earn more money than in a regular position. With this career track, you will enjoy tax-free stipends. Further, the employer will reimburse your travel expenses and offer other monetary incentives.

A travel nurse position can get paid total compensation of at least $3,000 per week. Depending on the location and workload, you may also make up to $7,000 weekly.

Another way to make more money as a travel nurse is through referrals. Most agencies pay nurses a certain amount if they refer other professionals to offer similar services under the company.

Higher Job Satisfaction

Travel nursing provides the freedom and incentives you need for job satisfaction. Moreover, it allows you to work in a selected environment, making the position more fulfilling.

Other ways working and traveling as a nurse can boost job satisfaction are:

  • Ensuring you receive compensation equal to your expertise and career value
  • Reducing the likelihood of experiencing the effects of hospital politics
  • Preventing monotony and boredom

Higher job satisfaction from work and travel will have various positive effects. For example, it boosts work morale and makes your role more enjoyable. It also protects your mental health by preventing or lowering job-related stress.

You Can Find a Suitable Place to Settle

Selecting a new place to live while employed permanently can be tricky. Travel nursing allows you to explore different places and determine what you like. Moreover, you can compare the cost of living and quality of life in other states.

Traveling and working are cost-effective ways to experience living in many locations. You can also avoid the high cost of relocation until you are sure you want to settle in a specific region.

A Lower Risk of Work Burnout

Permanent nurses often experience burnout due to work politics. They may also feel that their career isn’t growing despite advancing their studies or gaining the necessary experience.

A travel nurse position will help you avoid burnout associated with permanent roles. You can utilize many growth opportunities if you constantly change the work environment. Additionally, you will have better control of your life and career.

These aspects will prevent frustration and feeling stagnated. Ultimately, you will have a high level of personal satisfaction and fight burnout with a healthy work-life balance.

A Reduced Cost of Living

Working and traveling as a nurse will lower your expenses. Since some hospitals offer accommodation, you can reduce or avoid renting costs. It’s also possible to cut monthly bills like electricity and water.

Another way to lower living expenses with a traveling nurse job is by selecting a suitable location. You can opt for regions with cheap and reliable transportation when applying for roles. You may also choose those with affordable housing if the company does not cover accommodation.

Lowering expenses by working and traveling can help you pay off student loans. Further, you may improve your financial stability by saving and investing in other ventures. Cutting your expenses will also simplify advancing your studies in the future.

Enjoy Work and Travel With Squad Medical Staffing

If you want to enjoy job flexibility and better pay, consider travel nursing. This work style also provides more time to enjoy your hobbies and interact with new people.

At Medical Staffing, we can help you grow your career and explore the world. With our platform, you will find jobs across the US and expand your professional network. Apply now to enjoy the benefits of work and travel.

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