5 Amazing Facts About RV Living As a Travel Nurse

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Wouldn’t it be nice to explore the country as a travel nurse and have it feel like home, regardless of where you take an assignment? Traveling with an RV might be right for you. While there are several factors to consider before purchasing an RV to take on the road, the benefits can easily outweigh the disadvantages. It allows you to save money, save the hassle of packing and unpacking, all while having the freedom to explore. Here are 5 amazing facts about RV living as a travel nurse.

Saving Money

If you’re traveling long distances for an assignment, you might qualify for a housing stipend. Being able to save money while on the road where you can is important and living in an RV can help reduce living expenses. Most likely, your housing stipend will be more than your actual cost of living. The average price for parking at campgrounds is between $15-$40 per night. Even with higher gas prices, you will still be able to put money aside for any potential repairs, emergencies, or savings. Another perk of traveling in an RV is having a kitchen wherever you go, which means you’re able to cook your own meals rather than spending money on eating out. Not to mention, living in an RV gives you more privacy versus a hotel or short term rental. 

No More Packing & Unpacking

Nobody enjoys packing their life up and living out of a suitcase for extended periods of time. You have limited space for your belongings, and something important is always left behind. One major perk of having an RV is the ability to pack as little or as much as you want. You have more storage space versus packing up your car or hopping on a flight. No more moving in and out of short term spaces or having to pick and choose what you can bring along. Your RV should feel like your home away from home, and having the ability to bring the belongings of your choosing is essential for having a peaceful space for decompressing after a long shift. 

Easily Travel With Family or Pets

Maybe you’re considering packing up your family or pets to come along on your next assignment. Traveling in an RV makes bringing your significant other, travel buddy, family members or pets along for the ride more convenient. If you’re thinking about bringing your furry friends along, there’s no worrying about boarding costs or pet deposits. Better yet, having company along for the trip means more outings and exploring your new surroundings. Being a solo traveler can get lonely at times. Having the people and pets you love with you on the road can help make things a little easier while you’re away from home.

Explore More

Let’s be honest, one huge bonus to working as a travel nurse is exploring new cities across the country. Being able to pick up and go whenever, and wherever you want makes taking new assignments across the country a breeze. You can pick up and change campsites for a change of scenery, or stay put and get to know your fellow campers. Regardless of your choice, it’s nice knowing as a traveler that you have the freedom to get out and explore at your own pace.

Enjoy the adventure

Embarking on a new adventure can be scary. Your first time traveling in an RV is not going to be perfect, but by embracing the experience and making the most out of your new surroundings, you might just find it to be an enjoyable experience! If you are hesitant about taking an RV to your next assignment, try renting a small RV for a weekend first.

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